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Jimmy Kimmel Takes Friends on Bachelor Weekend

Jimmy Kimmel Takes Friends on Bachelor Weekend

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Comedian bikes, eats, and drinks before tying the knot

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Funnyman Jimmy Kimmel celebrated the last days of his single life by hosting a bachelor party vacation this past weekend in Vancouver, according to US Weekly.

The talk show host invited around 20 of his best friends to stay in the Opus Hotel in Yaletown and over the course of the weekend they visited a variety of spots around Vancouver, stopping by Dunn’s Famous, a well-known restaurant in the area where they ate smoked meat sandwiches, riding bikes throughout the city and stopping at food truck Fresh Local Wild for crab cakes and oyster sandwiches, and letting off some steam at Pierre’s Champagne for drinks. Guests included Adam Carolla, a previous host of the Man Show, and comedian Jeff Ross.

Not to be outdone, Kimmel’s fiancé Molly McNearney had a simultaneous weekend getaway in Cabo San Lucas with her girlfriends. McNearney is a co-head writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live and the two have been dating since 2009. Something tells us this marriage will not be lacking in the humor department.

Jimmy Kimmel makes ɽory' pancakes for daughter — see Ellen's delightful response

Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen DeGeneres are not only two of the funniest hosts on TV, they’re also longtime pals. Here’s the only photo you need to understand just how strong their friendship is.

It takes a special kind of friend — and dad — to make pancakes inspired by DeGeneres’ character in “Finding Nemo” and its sequel, “Finding Dory.” (That Jimmy Kimmel spatula is amazing. Where can we get one?)

Dear @TheEllenShow , I made my daughter #Dory pancakes to celebrate seeing you today

— Jimmy Kimmel (@jimmykimmel) February 23, 2017

His 2 1/2-year-old daughter, Jane, was very excited about her colorful and creative breakfast. It looks delicious. We want a bite.

When DeGeneres saw Kimmel’s masterpiece, she was stunned.

That is crazy. I made Portia @JimmyKimmel pancakes this morning.

— Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) February 23, 2017

“That is crazy. I made Portia @JimmyKimmel pancakes this morning,” she wrote, referencing her wife, Portia de Rossi.

Knowing DeGeneres’ sense of humor, it’s probably safe to assume she didn’t actually make Jimmy Kimmel pancakes. I mean, does she even own a Jimmy Kimmel spatula she can use to serve a Jimmy Kimmel pancake?


Kimmel was born in Brooklyn, New York, and grew up in the neighborhood of Mill Basin [3] as the eldest of three children of Joan Iacono and James John Kimmel, who worked at American Express and was an IBM executive. [5] [6] [7]

He was raised Catholic and, as a child, was an altar server. [8] [9] Kimmel's mother is of Italian ancestry from Ischia, Naples her family migrated to the United States after the 1883 earthquake. [10] [11] Two of his paternal great-great-grandparents were German immigrants. His family's surname was "Kümmel" ("caraway" in German) several generations back. [12] [13] [14] [15]

The family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, when he was nine years old. [5] He graduated from Ed W. Clark High School, [16] and then attended University of Nevada, Las Vegas for one year before transferring to Arizona State University. He received an honorary degree from UNLV in 2013. [17]

Kimmel's uncle, Frank Potenza ("Uncle Frank"), appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as a regular from 2003 until his death in 2011. [18] His cousin Sal Iacono performed Kimmel's former co-hosting duties during the last season of Win Ben Stein's Money and then became a writer and sketch performer on Jimmy Kimmel Live! [19] His Aunt Chippy (Concetta Potenza) is also a featured part of the show. His brother Jonathan works on the show as a director. His sister, Jill, is a comedian.

Radio career

Inspired by David Letterman's start in radio, Kimmel began working in radio while in high school, hosting a Sunday night interview show on UNLV's college station, KUNV. [20] While attending Arizona State University, he became a popular caller to the KZZP-FM afternoon show hosted by radio personalities Mike Elliott and Kent Voss in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1989, Kimmel landed his first paying job alongside Voss as morning drive co-host of The Me and Him Show at KZOK-FM in Seattle, Washington. Over the next 10 months, the hosts performed several stunts on air, including one that led to an $8,000 loss in advertising. [21] [22]

In 1990, Kimmel and Voss were fired by KZOK and were fired again a year later at WRBQ-FM in Tampa, Florida. Kimmel went on to host his own show at KCMJ in Palm Springs, California, where he recruited Carson Daly, who had been a family friend since his childhood, as his intern. [23] After a morning stint at KRQQ in Tucson, Arizona, Kimmel landed at KROQ-FM in Los Angeles. He spent five years as "Jimmy The Sports Guy" for the Kevin and Bean morning show. During this time he met and befriended the comedian Adam Carolla. [24]

Comedy Central

Kimmel, who initially did not want to do television, began writing for Fox announcers and promotions and was quickly recruited to do the on-air promotions himself. He declined several offers for television shows from producer Michael Davies, being uninterested in the projects, until he was offered a place as the comedic counterpart to Ben Stein on the game show Win Ben Stein's Money, which began airing on Comedy Central in 1997. His quick wit and "everyman" personality were counterpoints to Stein's monotonous vocal style and faux-patrician demeanor. The combination earned the pair an Emmy award for Best Game Show Host. [20]

In 1999, during his time on Win Ben Stein's Money, Kimmel co-hosted (with Adam Carolla) and co-produced (with Daniel Kellison), Comedy Central's The Man Show. Kimmel left Win Ben Stein's Money in 2001 and was replaced by comedian Nancy Pimental, who was eventually replaced by Kimmel's cousin Sal Iacono. The Man Show ' s success allowed Kimmel, Carolla, and Kellison to create and produce, under the banner Jackhole Productions, Crank Yankers for Comedy Central (on which Kimmel plays the characters "Elmer Higgins", "Terrence Catheter", "The Nudge", "Karl Malone" and himself) and later The Andy Milonakis Show for MTV2. Kimmel also produced and co-wrote the feature film Windy City Heat, Festival Prize winner of the Comedia Award for Best Film at the 2004 Montreal Comedy Festival.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

In January 2003, Kimmel permanently left The Man Show to host his own late-night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, on ABC. In the April 2007 issue of, Kimmel was named the "biggest badass on TV". Kimmel said it was an honor but clearly a mistake.

Despite its name, the show has not actually aired live since 2004, when censors were unable to properly bleep censor a barrage of swearing from actor Thomas Jane. [25]

During the 2004 NBA Finals in Detroit, Kimmel appeared on ABC's halftime show to make an on-air plug for his show. He suggested that if the Detroit Pistons defeated the Los Angeles Lakers, "they're gonna burn the city of Detroit down . and it's not worth it." Officials with Detroit's ABC affiliate, WXYZ-TV, immediately announced that that night's show would not air on the station. Hours later, ABC officials pulled that night's show from the entire network. Kimmel later apologized. [26]

Kimmel usually ends his show with "My apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time." When Matt Damon did actually appear on the show to be interviewed, he walked in and sat down only to be told just a few seconds later by Kimmel, "Unfortunately, we are totally out of time," followed by "my apologies to Matt Damon." Damon appeared angry but both performers have since indicated that their faux-feud is a joke. [27]

In February 2008, Kimmel showed a mock music video with a panoply of stars called "I'm Fucking Ben Affleck", [28] as "revenge" after his then-girlfriend Sarah Silverman and Damon recorded a similar video titled "I'm Fucking Matt Damon". Silverman's video originally aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and became an "instant YouTube sensation." [29] Kimmel's "revenge" video featured himself, Ben Affleck, and a large lineup of stars, particularly in scenes spoofing the 1985 "We Are the World" video: Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle, Cameron Diaz, Robin Williams, Harrison Ford, Dominic Monaghan, Benji Madden and Joel Madden from Good Charlotte, Lance Bass, Macy Gray, Josh Groban, Huey Lewis, Perry Farrell, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Pete Wentz, Meat Loaf, Rebecca Romijn, Christina Applegate, Dom Joly, Mike Shinoda, Lauren Conrad, and Joan Jett, among others.

After this, Kimmel's sidekick, Guillermo, appeared in a spoof of The Bourne Ultimatum, which starred Damon. He was then chased down by Damon, who was cursing about Kimmel being behind all this. Guillermo also stopped Damon on the red carpet one time and, before he could finish the interview, said, "Sorry, we are out of time." The most recent encounter was titled "The Handsome Men's Club" which featured Kimmel, along with the "Handsome Men", who were: Matthew McConaughey, Rob Lowe, Lenny Kravitz, Patrick Dempsey, Sting, Keith Urban, John Krasinski, Ethan Hawke, Josh Hartnett, Tony Romo, Ted Danson, Taye Diggs, Gilles Marini, and Ben Affleck, speaking about being handsome and all the jobs that come with it. At the end of the skit, Kimmel has a door slammed in his face by Damon, who says they have run out of time and laughs sinisterly. Jennifer Garner also makes a surprise appearance. As a tradition, celebrities voted off Dancing with the Stars appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, causing Kimmel to describe himself as "the three-headed dog the stars must pass on their way to No-Dancing Hell."

In October 2013, a new segment of the show, "Kids Table", showcased five- and six-year-olds discussing the U.S. government shutdown and U.S. debts. When one of the children suggested "killing all the people in China" as a way of resolving the U.S. debt, Kimmel responded that that was "an interesting idea" and soon jokingly asked a followup: "Should we allow the Chinese to live?" [30] The incident triggered discussions and protests on Internet, even from Mainland China. In an October 25 letter to a group called the 80-20 Initiative, which identifies itself as a pan-Asian-American political organization, ABC apologized for the segment, saying "We would never purposefully broadcast anything to upset the Chinese community, Asian community, anyone of Chinese descent or any community at large." [30] [31]

More than a hundred people took to the streets in San Francisco on October 28 to protest the show and demand "a more elaborate apology" and that Kimmel be fired. [31] On that day's broadcast, Kimmel addressed the controversy personally, saying: "I thought it was obvious that I didn't agree with that statement, but apparently it wasn't . So I just wanted to say, I'm sorry, I apologize." [32] Despite the apologies from ABC and Kimmel, protests continued. A White House petition was created to investigate the incident and reached the 100,000 signatures needed to require a response from the White House. [33] The Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus denounced the incident and demanded a formal apology from ABC. [34]

Other television work

In spring 1996, Kimmel appeared as "Jimmy the Fox Guy" in promos on the Fox Network. His other television work included being the on-air football prognosticator for Fox NFL Sunday for four years. He has had numerous appearances on other talk shows, including Live with Regis and Kelly, The Howard Stern Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and the Late Show with David Letterman.

He has appeared on The Late Show five times, most recently in 2010. Kimmel served as roastmaster for the New York Friars' Club Roast of Hugh Hefner and the Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson. He has appeared on ABC's Dancing with the Stars.

In August 2006, ABC announced that Kimmel would be host of their new game show Set for Life. [35] The show debuted on July 20, 2007. On April 6, 2007, Kimmel filled in for Larry King on Larry King Live. That particular broadcast dealt with paparazzi. Kimmel reproached Emily Gould, an editor at, for the site's alleged stalking of celebrities. On July 8, 2007, Kimmel managed the National League in the 2007 Taco Bell All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game in San Francisco. He played in the game in 2004 and 2006 (in Houston and Pittsburgh, respectively). On July 11, 2007, Kimmel, along with basketball player LeBron James, hosted the 2007 ESPY Awards. The show aired on ESPN on July 15, 2007. Kimmel hosted the American Music Awards on ABC five times, in 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2008.

Kimmel guest-hosted Live with Regis and Kelly during the week of October 22–26, 2007, commuting every day between New York and Los Angeles. In the process, he broke the Guinness World Record for the longest distance (22,406 miles (36,059 km)) traveled in one work week. [36] Kimmel himself has questioned the record, suggesting that a world leader or the Pope must actually hold the record. [37]

Kimmel has performed in several animated films, often voicing dogs. His voice appeared in Garfield: The Movie and Road Trip, and he portrayed Death's Dog in the Family Guy episode "Mr. Saturday Knight" Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane later presented Kimmel with a figurine of his character on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Kimmel also did voice work for Robot Chicken. Kimmel's cousin Sal Iacono has accepted and won a wrestling match with Santino Marella.

On January 14, 2010, amid the 2010 Tonight Show host and time slot conflict, Kimmel was the special guest of Jay Leno on The Jay Leno Show ' s "10 at 10" segment. Kimmel derided Leno in front of a live studio audience for taking back the 11:35 pm time slot from Conan O'Brien, and repeatedly insulted Leno. He ended the segment with a plea that Leno "leave our shows alone", as Kimmel and O'Brien had "kids" while Leno only had "cars". [38]

Kimmel hosted the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards on September 23, 2012, and the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards on September 18, 2016. [39] [40] With the presidential election only weeks away, Kimmel pointed out the role Mark Burnett played in the rise of Trump. [41]

Kimmel hosted the 89th edition of the Academy Awards ceremony on February 26, 2017. [42] He returned as host for the 90th edition on March 4, 2018. [43]

In June 2018, Kimmel was challenged by U.S. Senator Ted Cruz to a one-on-one basketball game after Kimmel compared Cruz's appearance to that of a blobfish. Kimmel accepted and the game (known as the Blobfish Basketball Classic) was scheduled to take place at Texas Southern University on June 16, with the loser donating $5,000 to the non-political charity of the winner's choice. [44] Cruz defeated Kimmel 11–9, and over $80,000 was raised from the game and donated to the charities. [45]

In November 2018, Kimmel launched his second production company, Kimmelot. [46]

Kimmel is currently the host of a celebrity edition of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, which premiered for the show's 20th anniversary in 2020 and continues into 2021. It premiered on April 8, 2020 on ABC. [47]

In June 2020, it was announced that Kimmel would return to host the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards on September 20, 2020. [48] It was also announced that he was taking the summer off amid a brewing blackface controversy. Later, videos surfaced of Kimmel using racial slurs in a music video. Also, during an interview in 2009 with Megan Fox, Kimmel made a joke in response to Fox speaking out about being sexualized at age 15 by Michael Bay. [49] [50] Kimmel later issued an apology for his actions and for taking a long time to address the criticism. He said, "There is nothing more important to me than your respect, and I apologize to those who were genuinely hurt or offended by the makeup I wore or the words I spoke." Kimmel explained the blackface was part of a recurring impression of basketball player Karl Malone that continued on The Man Show: "We hired makeup artists to make me look as much like Karl Malone as possible. I never considered that this might be seen as anything other than an imitation of a fellow human being, one that had no more to do with Karl's skin color than it did his bulging muscles and bald head." He also denied that his going on vacation was due to the blackface controversy, saying the vacation had been planned for over a year. He did not address the interview with Megan Fox. [51]


In July 2019, Kimmel released his first book, The Serious Goose, an interactive children's picture book featuring his own illustrations that tasks readers with helping to make the serious goose smile. [52]

Kimmel's biggest influences in comedy are David Letterman and Howard Stern. Kimmel has said of Letterman, "His show was just so weird and different. I'd never seen anything like it. I didn't know anyone who had a sense of humor like that." [54] Kimmel has often joked that the only reason he got into show business was to be friends with Letterman he has also questioned why anybody would watch his show instead of Letterman's. [55] Kimmel wrote a piece for Time about his love for Letterman, saying, "As I write this, there are only ten shows left before the funniest, most inventive and smartest man who ever wore an Alka Seltzer suit goes fishing for good. None of us who discovered Dave on our own and claimed him as our own will ever be able to satisfactorily explain to the younger people who didn't what he did, what he meant and what he means. I guess it doesn't matter. It's only an exhibition, not a competition. Thanks Dave. For whatever it's worth, you're my favorite." [56]

Jimmy Kimmel is a practicing Catholic. [57]

Kimmel married Gina Maddy in 1988 they divorced in 2002. [58] Their daughter Katherine was born in 1991 and their son Kevin was born in 1993. [59] [1] He had a relationship with comedian Sarah Silverman from 2002 to March 2009. [60]

Kimmel started dating Molly McNearney, a co-head writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live, in October 2009. [61] They were engaged in August 2012 [58] [62] and married in July 2013. [63] Their daughter Jane was born in July 2014. [64]

Their second child, William ("Billy") John, was born on April 21, 2017. [65] He was born with a rare congenital heart defect, [66] tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) with pulmonary atresia, [67] [68] which was first detected when he had a purplish appearance at three hours after birth. He underwent successful surgery at three days of age. [69] [70] The first guests Kimmel had when his show returned following his son's birth were cardiac surgeon Mehmet Oz, who explained the condition, [71] and snowboarder Shaun White, who was born with TOF. [72] Kimmel later cited his son's condition in a monologue criticizing a previous guest, Senator Bill Cassidy, who had co-authored a congressional healthcare bill, for not living up to the "Jimmy Kimmel test" regarding access for patients with preexisting conditions. The monologue was widely discussed as part of the wider debate about the American healthcare system. [73] [74] [75]

Kimmel plays the bass clarinet, and was a guest performer at a concert in Costa Mesa, California, on July 20, 2008, featuring The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, performing with the group on the song "The Impression That I Get". [76]

Kimmel has served as the Honorary Mayor of Dildo, Newfoundland, since August 2019. [77]

Kimmel has spoken publicly of being a narcoleptic. [78]

Kimmel co-founded the annual Los Angeles Feast of San Gennaro, a New York City annual tradition, and co-hosted the eighth annual Los Angeles version in 2009. [79]

Kimmel has been a fundraiser for the Democratic Party. [80]

In 2020, Kimmel learned that he and Martha Stewart are cousins through a genealogy report on the TV show Finding Your Roots. [81]

Tiffany Haddish Won&rsquot Be Watching Bachelor Pete&rsquos Season: &lsquoHe Lives with His Mama and Daddy!'

Tiffany Haddish is in the market for an independent, full-grown man.

After meeting new Bachelor Peter Weber on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote her new movie Like A Boss on Monday, the actress jokingly hinted at being romantically interested in the airline pilot, seeing that she had worked as a flight attendant at LAX at one point in her career.

But that all changed when Kimmel revealed Weber still lives with his parents. Speaking with PEOPLE at Tuesday’s Like A Boss premiere, Haddish revealed whether or not she will tune in to Pilot Pete’s season.

“I don’t think I’ll be following along �use he lives with his mama and daddy!” she joked. “I want a grown-ass man. You need to be a full man. Not living with your mama, unless she’s sick and you’re taking care of her.”

She added, “I want a real man that’s got his own business, his own career going on and not needing me for nothing but companionship, an ear to listen to, and a little bit of a good time. And when I say it’s a little bit … it’s a little bit.”

When Haddish, 40, initially met Weber, 28, after his season premiere of The Bachelor on the late night show, she leaned into him and cracked flirty jokes.

“You guys are both in the airline industry,” Kimmel said.

“Hmm, you thirsty?” she replied as she drank from her mug, while Weber and the audience broke into laughter. “Oh, I’mma get you in trouble, you got a girlfriend?”

Weber simply chuckled, shrugged his shoulders and said, “You gotta tune in to find out.”

“He’s not allowed to say,” Kimmel chimed in.

“I bet you I make more money than her,” the Night School actress jokingly replied, as the audience cheered and laughed. “Wait a minute, wait a minute! I don’t wanna be a sugar mama, I ain’t trying to be a sugar mama! I take that back.”

Later on, the host brought up the fact that Weber’s parents met in the airline industry, with his dad being a pilot and mother as a flight attendant, before saying with a laugh, 𠇊nd Tiffany, you’re going to like this: Peter still lives with his parents.”

Haddish then turned quiet and slowly turned away from the new Bachelor as the audience cracked up.

When PEOPLE asked whether she was busy to be in the dating game this year, the comedian revealed she was open, though she has criteria.

“I’m making time for 2020. Whoever likes me, holler,” she said. “Now make sure your credit’s right. … If you got kids, they need to be already grown. I don’t need to be teaching them how to wash clothes or how to clean their room.”

Like A Boss tells the story of two best friends, played by Haddish and Rose Byrne, who run their own cosmetics company but happen to be in deep financial trouble. When a beauty mogul (Salma Hayek) offers to help them out financially in a buyout, the offer seems too good to pass up, but puts their friendship to the ultimate test.

Bachelor Superfan David Spade Will Make You LOL With His Hilarious Finale Recap

David Spade just might be our favorite Bachelor Nation member.

On Wednesday, The Bachelor superfan stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he gave host Jimmy Kimmel a hilarious recap of the hit ABC show's dramatic season finale and Peter Weber's shocking decision.

"They do the flashback because what happened is: Hannah Ann [Sluss] was—the final two was Hannah Ann. He takes them to Australia, of course the farthest place…And then they get there and—I'm always surprised, like, Hannah [Brown] doesn't pop out of a kangaroo pouch: ‘Hey, yɺll! Remember me?'"

"But the other one—Madison [Prewett]," he continued. "Some appeal, I get what's going on, but she dumped him twice and Hannah Ann's only crime was she was nice and normal. And no drama. And, of course, he [goes] the other way. So, he proposes to [Hannah Ann] and then a month later he's like, ‘Can I have that ring back?' It's so weird."

After referring to the Women Tell All portion of the two-night finale special as "cringe time," he did his best to break down the drama that unfolded on Tuesday night—even tackling the drama between Madison and Pilot Pete's mom Barbra Weber.

"He tries to get the other one back…and they had a little Barb cam in the corner and when theyɽ show Hannah Ann, she's like [clapping]," David continued. "She's Peter's mom and she clearly wants Hannah Ann and she didn't get her. And he goes, ‘Mom, I guess it's gonna be Madison now.' And she goes, ‘Wait, what?' And she wasn't even hiding it. And he's like Napoleon Dynamite going, ‘Mom, quit yelling at us. That's my girlfriend.'"

He added, "She was yelling at her. She was like, ‘I don't like this one.' She was just…all over."

Sarah Cooper Takes a Shot at Louis C.K. as ‘Kimmel’ Guest Host

If you thought Sarah Cooper‘s only bit was impersonating President Trump, think again. Last night, the viral comedian stepped in to guest host Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she showcased her diverse skill set in a wide-ranging monologue. Of course, Cooper delivered her infamous Trump impression, but she also took a few shots at the president’s mental fitness, her previous employer Google, and disgraced comic Louis C.K. That Sarah Cooper, she can do it all!

With host Jimmy Kimmel on an extended vacation, his ABC late night show has tapped a different star to host each night, and on Tuesday, it was finally Cooper’s turn to shine. The comedian, whose lip-synched Trump impressions made her a TikTok superstar, opened her monologue by addressing this meteoric rise. “If you don’t know who I am, that’s okay. I don’t know who you are, either, so we’re even,” she said. “Basically, I’m the reason your grandpa downloaded TikTok.”

“They said a female president would be too emotional. ‘Once a month, she’ll go crazy,’ they said,” added Cooper. “Can you imagine a president who only goes crazy once a month? But without a crazy president, I wouldn’t be here. So, thanks Trump Tower Moscow.”

Later, Cooper discussed her experience working at Google, where she met her husband, a software engineer. “I met my husband at work. He kept asking me out, and I kept saying no,” she said. “But then he said he had tickets to see Louis C.K., who was my favorite comedian at the time. And I couldn’t say no to that! No one can say no to Louis C.K., that’s kind of his whole brand.” Shots fired!

But it didn’t take long for Cooper to slip into Trump’s shoes. The comedian concluded her Jimmy Kimmel Live monologue by answering questions from fans desperate to learn more about the upstart, but the Q&A quickly took a turn. “Hey, Sarah. I love your Trump impressions, but do you ever feel like you’re starting to become more like him?” asked one fan.

“What a stupid question that is,” Cooper replied, lip-synching a statement Trump made outside Marine One. “What a stupid question. You ask a lot of stupid questions.”

The Best Celebrity Cameos On 'The Bachelor' And 'The Bachelorette'

As a tried-and-true fan of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, there's nothing better than when your favorite reality show contestants collide with real-life celebrities. From serving as judges on group dates to serenading couples on those beloved one-on-one dates, we've rounded up the greatest celebrity cameos in Bachelor Nation history.

Season: The Bachelorette season 3

Vanessa Williams hopped on The Bachelorette train early and appeared in the third season in 2005. The singer serenaded Jennifer Schefft and Fabrice Le Parc on a one-on-one at New York City's Cotton Club.

Season: The Bachelorette season 8

You can't go to Dollywood without dancing to Dolly Parton&mdashand Emily Maynard and Arie Luyendyk Jr. were lucky enough to have the famous singer serenade them in person on season 8 of The Bachelorette.

Season: The Bachelorette season 11

Kaitlyn Bristowe claimed the key to her heart was through comedy&mdashso Amy Schumer appeared on an episode and helped the guys deliver a stand-up special that was worthy of a rose.

Season: The Bachelor season 19

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel lent a hand in picking Chris Soules's future wife in season 19. To see if the contestants could handle farm life, Jimmy and Chris challenged the women to a farm relay race.

Season: The Bachelorette season 7

Ryan "Mickey" McLean and J.P. Rosenbaum flipped a coin to decide who would accompany Ashley Hebert to the concert. When all was said and done, Ryan won and got the private serenade from Colbie Caillat&mdashbut J.P. ultimately won her heart.

Season: The Bachelorette season 13

In order to whip the contestants into "husband material," celebrity couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis put the guys on Rachel Lindsay's season through a strenuous obstacle course.

Season: The Bachelorette season 10

Boyz II Men helped Andi Dorfman see the romantic side to each of her suitors when they joined the hit R&B group on stage to sing their famous song, "I'll Make Love to You."

Season: The Bachelorette season 11

Not only did undefeated boxing champion Laila Ali teach Kaitlyn Bristowe how to throw a few punches, she coached the guys on how to fight for love&mdashliterally. After putting the guys through a grueling boxing workout, they took things to the ring.

Season: The Bachelorette season 12

JoJo Fletcher joined her suitors at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh to meet up with NFL stars Ben Roethlisberger, Hines Ward, and Brett Keisel for a group training session. After a little practice, the men (you guessed it) competed in a friendly football game.

Season: The Bachelor season 21

For most of the women, it was a childhood dream come true when the Backstreet Boys showed up at The Bachelor mansion in season 21. Nick Viall and some lucky women learned a choreographed dance from the '90s boy band and performed it with them on stage.

Season: The Bachelorette season 11

It wasn't your typical date when Kaitlyn Bristowe asked her suitors to eulogize her at a fake Irish wake. But the date ended on the perfect gothic and romantic note with a performance by The Cranberries.

'The Bachelor': Jimmy Kimmel Interrupts Chris' Dates, Wants a "Threesome"

There were more men than usual on this week's episode of The Bachelor, as Jimmy Kimmel dropped by to meddle in Chris Soules' affairs. Luckily, that didn't deter Chris from his kissing rampage.

The episode began with the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host (gotta love the ABC cross-promotional machine at work) waking up Prince Farming. Kimmel then introduced himself to the ladies with, "Hello, sister-wives." Yes, this is going to be a great episode.

After introducing the "amazing" jar, which castmembers have to fill with dollars whenever they use their favorite adjective, Kimmel sent Kaitlyn out on the first one-on-one. Certainly, Chris and his gal weren't expecting to spend the day shopping for bulk items at Costco. But we did learn a thing or two about Kaitlyn when she said of filling a hot tub with ketchup, "I've done weirder things."

The pair prepared dinner for Kimmel, and Kaitlyn let it slip that she once dated a farmer who was more "legit" than Chris. Talk about hitting the man where it hurts. By the end of the evening, Kimmel was clearly on Team Kaitlyn, especially as she's such a good sport about the fantasy suite dates. "Let's have a threesome, guys, come on," the talk show host joked. Needless to say, Kaitlyn got the rose and is a definite frontrunner.

Next, the show channeled its inner Survivor by sending the girls on a farm-themed obstacle course, which involved drinking warm goat's milk. (Yes, Chris is a farmer. We get it.) Carly won the blue ribbon, which led to a party with an unreal amount of kissing. Seriously, this dude really loves kissing, even when its preceded by a painful icebreaker like, "You're a man, and I'm a woman." Thanks, Carly, for that fascinating lesson on gender.

Not everyone was thrilled by the smooch-fest, mind you. Mackenzie kiss-shamed him with a thoroughly awkward talking-to, while Becca put her lips on lockdown, which apparently helped her snag the rose. Chris is all about the mixed messages.

The next one-on-one involved Whitney and Chris strangely deciding to crash a random couple's wedding. Yes, because why wouldn't a pair of newlyweds want some reality stars to steal the spotlight on their big day? But Chris appreciated that Whitney helped him out when his small-talk skills were seriously lacking at the reception, and so she got the date rose.

Were you just thinking to yourself, "I could really use some more rapid-fire kissing scenes"? You're in luck, as Chris resumed kissing with abandon at the pool party. Things got quite heated with Jade on the bed, and then Jillian monopolized time in the hot tub, which left Ashley I. in tears. Luckily, Ash was able to make out with him within minutes after her crying jag, so all was right with the world.

At the rose ceremony, here's who received flowers: Jade, Samantha, Juelia, Mackenzie (despite her earlier lecture), Kelsey, Britt, Megan, Carly, Ashley S. (how is this wacky character still on the show?!), Becky, Jillian and Ashley I. That meant curtains for teacher Tracy, other teacher Trina and bartender Amber, who cut her tearful post-ceremony interview short.

Who do you think is the current frontrunner? Do you think Chris is kissing too many people? Are you wondering what happened with all that ketchup? Let us know in the comments!

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How to Make the Meatballs from Jimmy Kimmel's Emmy's Afterparty

When Jimmy Kimmel put down the mic at the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards last night, he headed to The Lot in West Hollywood for an after-party catered by some legitimate heavy-hitters: Adam Perry Lang was there with his Texas BBQ, Chris Shepherd was making Korean braised goat dumplings, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo were slinging cubano sandwiches, and New York&aposs Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo made their extremely delicious signature meatballs.

This serious spread was enjoyed by a handful of Jimmy’s famous friends including Matt Damon, Tom Hiddleston, Amy Schumer, John Mayer, Andy Samberg, Kit Harrington and others including F&W&aposs own Gail Simmons (pictured here partying with Tom Colicchio and Jesse Tyler Ferguson). We’ve heard there was dancing until after 3 a.m., but we’re honestly most envious of the food lineup.

Didn&apost get an invitation? You missed the party, but you can still have the meatballs:

Frankies&apos Meatballs
by Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo

4 slices bread (2 packed cups’ worth)
2 pounds ground beef
3 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 cup finely chopped flat-leaf parsley
1/4 cup grated Pecorino Romano, plus about 1 cup for serving
1/4 cup raisins
1/4 cup pine nuts
1 1/2 teaspoons fine sea salt
15 turns white pepper
4 large eggs
1/2 cup dried bread crumbs

1. Heat the oven to 325ଏ. Put the fresh bread in a bowl, cover it with water, and let it soak for a minute or so. Pour off the water and wring out the bread, then crumble and tear it into tiny pieces.

2. Combine the bread with all of the remaining ingredients except the tomato sauce in a medium mixing bowl, adding them in the order that they are listed. Add the dried bread crumbs last to adjust for wetness the mixture should be moist wet, not sloppy wet.

3. Shape the meat mixture into handball-sized meatballs and space them evenly on a baking sheet. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes. The meatballs will be firm but still juicy and gently yielding when they’re cooked through. (At this point, you can cool the meatballs and hold them in the refrigerator for as long as a couple of days or freeze them for the future.

4. Meanwhile, heat the tomato sauce in a sauté pan large enough to accommodate the meatballs comfortably.

5. Dump the meatballs into the pan of sauce and nudge the heat up ever so slightly. Simmer the meatballs for half an hour or so (this isn’t one of those cases where longer is better) so they can soak up some of the sauce. Keep them there until it’s time to eat.

6. Serve the meatballs 3 to a person in a healthy helping of red sauce, and hit everybody’s portion—never the pan—with a fluffy mountain of grated cheese.

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Jimmy Fallon made pizza on Instagram and it looked terrible

Jimmy Fallon recently watched Stanley Tucci’s new show, Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy (which I haven’t seen yet but hear good things about), and inspired by Tucci’s trip to Naples, decided to make uh, a pizza, at home. Thanks Today for alerting us all to this attempt at pizza .

Give yourselves a few minutes to watch the video as I gather my thoughts, because I have. a few. I have a somewhat unique perspective on this because I made Neapolitan-style pizza for many years, and basically my advice to you is, do not do what Jimmy Fallon does in this video, otherwise, you will end up disappointed.

The ingredients are perfectly good, including store-bought dough, nice tomatoes, fresh cheese, oil, and basil. Fallon’s technique is where things get a little dicey. I am going to preface this by saying, stretching pizza dough by hand is not easy if you’re not used to the motions, but unless you want a very flat pizza with no puffy crust ( ideal for tavern-style, however ), try and avoid the rolling pin, as it’ll squeeze out all the bubbles in your dough, which is exactly what happened to Fallon’s, because he mangled that poor thing.

He ended up with a baby pizza, which he did an admittedly good job topping (most people tend to overtop their pizza), and then he slid it into a pizzamaking device, the Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker , which only goes up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. That is way too low for a Neapolitan-style pizza for that style, you want a roaring 900-1000 degrees. Can you still cook a great pizza at a lower temperature? Absolutely. Just leave it in longer than the paltry three minutes he gave it.

The result ended up being a floppy undercooked pizza, probably raw in the middle. I would not recommend eating it at that stage. But, hey, he tried. He proudly exclaims, “Look at this. Look at that. Are you kidding me? Are you joking?” He cuts it and shows the bottom, which is as pale as it was before it was cooked, and hams it up for the camera saying it’s the “best ever.” I do not believe you, Jimmy Fallon. I would not admit to making that pizza and proclaim it was the best, especially on social media. I would have deleted that video altogether.

As late-night TV is a small circle jerk, the other Jimmy, Jimmy Kimmel, stepped in with some big boy pants and whooped the shit out of Fallon’s pizza by making one that looked much, much, better.

He poked fun at Fallon’s decision to use a rolling pin and hand stretched the dough (his technique was to gently use his knuckles while draping the dough over his fists, which is okay, just a bit on the slow side), and whipped out what are widely considered the best tomatoes you can get in the US, Bianco DiNapoli . Do you have to hand crush them like Kimmel does? Not really, but you do get generous chunks of tomatoes that way, and that way you can brag they’re “hand-crushed” to your friends and family.

This isn’t level playing ground, though, because Kimmel has an actual woodfired pizza oven, something that is extraordinarily out of reach for normal people. But he knew what he was doing: the bake turned out well, the bottom ended up with small black spots (the oven could have been cranked up at least 50-100 degrees higher, but this is nitpicking), and the outer edge had some nice charring to it.

In the end, Kimmel used the shit-talking pizza video to help donate to No Kid Hungry , an organization feeding children in need, so all’s well that ends well. The moral of the story is that if Jimmy Fallon ever invites you over for a pizza party, make sure he’s just buying the pizza and not making it.