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Avocado toast - 4 healthy breakfast combinations

Avocado toast - 4 healthy breakfast combinations

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The avocado fruits are cut longitudinally, in half, then the halves are turned in the opposite direction, separated and the seeds are removed.

With a wooden spoon, remove the core, pass it lightly and sprinkle immediately with olive oil. A wooden spoon is recommended so that the avocado pulp does not oxidize quickly. So is lemon juice.

Add salt to taste and olive oil and make a paste with which to slice the bread, not before spreading some of them with fresh cottage cheese, for extra flavor. Do not overdo it with cheese or avocado, put thin layers.

Pomegranate seeds are sprinkled over the avocado, which is one of the dishes.

A second course is the one with slices of boiled egg, the third with slices of cherry tomatoes and slices of green onion, the fourth with olives.

Ideas can continue according to everyone's taste and imagination. We chose the simplest ones, which certainly appeal to the little ones as well.

Dr. Lygia Alexandrescu

University lecturer and nutrition specialist. Since 2000 he has a Master's degree in Biochemistry from the University of Western Ontario (Canada), and since 2004 he has a PhD in Nutrition Sciences (Southern Florida College, USA). Since 2003 he has been a university lecturer at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports where he teaches courses in dietetics, biochemistry, pharmacology and medical semiology, and d in 2004 - nutrition specialist at the Center for Weight Loss and Nutritional Consulting & quotNatural Silhouette & quot. More details on :

Intolerances do not occur in pregnancy, but other pathologies can be favored. The pregnant woman may react differently to food due to pylorosis, burns. In the first trimester of pregnancy, the sensitivity of the taste is lost, but in no case do the intolerances that are due to hemoglobins appear. Therefore, the eating behavior can change, the taste changes and there can be a tendency to consume foods with pleasure that you did not prefer before and vice versa.

22. Which option is better for the pregnant woman's diet: black tea or green tea?
Caffeine is allowed in pregnancy in small quantities, and green and black tea are the same plant, differ only in the form of heat processing, black tea being more & ldquoars & rdquo, so more concentrated. You can consume green tea in the first half of the day, but only if there is no tendency to give hypertension, which is not desirable in pregnancy.

23. What can I eat so that I do not gain much weight during pregnancy?
Eating should not be different from what is normal. Every quarter, the energy requirement increases by 300 Kilocalories, but we will take care not to exceed 2,500-3,000 Kilocalories per day. Eating, as they say, for two, is completely wrong. Weight gain should not exceed 9-12 kg, and if the woman had a body mass index greater than 30 before pregnancy, then 9 kg is the optimal value. Hunger is also not recommended for a pregnant woman because it will result in a low birth weight baby with congenital growth defects.

24. I don't usually take into account the 2 liters of water daily. What advice do you have to maintain good hydration?
The pregnant woman needs hydration because the placenta must be kept well hydrated. And hydration depends on the structure of each body (weight and height), so the recommended amount is 45-50 ml of water / Kg body every day. So, every hour we have to consume a glass of water. Of course, the so-called hidden water from fruits and salads is added. Hydration is about self-education. The feeling of thirst must be prevented, especially during pregnancy when it can be dangerous. When you are thirsty, it means that you are already dehydrated.

25. What are the advantages of organic products consumed during pregnancy?
Food quality is more important than anything during pregnancy. Rather than being a raw product, it is better to be organic, not to contain phosphates, nitrates, meat obtained through forced growth. If we can afford an organic diet, we increase the child's chances of being healthy.

26. What types of dairy products are not recommended for a pregnant woman? What are the risks of consuming "forbidden" cheeses such as Camembert, Brie, moldy cheese?

Dairy products are recommended during pregnancy and especially fermented ones: yogurt, kefir, sana, in such a way as to prevent the tendency of constipation that is biologically pregnant. Unpasteurized dairy products that could carry bacteria and viruses from animals are prohibited. We can consume dairy products from the country, but let's pasteurize them at home, heating them at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes. Boiling destroys not only bacteria but also proteins. Moldy cheese is not recommended in the first trimester because the bacteria can attack the fetus itself. They are strong bacteria and there are studies that have shown an increased risk of miscarriage.

27. What diet is indicated in case of a toxic pregnancy?
Hydration is very important in toxic pregnancy. Permanent vomiting and nausea can lead to loss of electrolytes and fluids. As long as the pregnant woman stays in bed for a long time, due to her illness, she must eat foods rich in nutrients and low in calories: fruits, vegetables, brown rice, so as not to gain too much weight.

28. What is the number of calories a pregnant woman needs? How big is he compared to an ordinary woman?
In each trimester of pregnancy, the daily energy requirement increases by 300 Kilocalories, but in total, it should not exceed 2,500-3,000 kilocalories.

29. What are the good fats for feeding a pregnant woman?

Fatty fish should be found in the pregnant woman's diet, once or twice a week, especially in the first trimester. Be careful, however, it is very rich in vitamin A, and the excess is not desirable. Apart from fatty fish, oily fruits are a good source of fat, but they should not be cooked, so unsalted and unroasted. Olive oil is a good source, but never cooked in temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius because it becomes toxic. It is best to use it in salads or, if you feel the need for oil in soups and dishes, it can be added after I have finished cooking and turned off the heat.

30. What are the fats to avoid in the diet of a pregnant woman?
There will be no frying without fried starch. The so-called french fries and skewers are an excuse. If we feel like something fried, we can make grilled meat to eat with salad. Watch out for salt too! Foods high in sodium can lead to hypertension! Another very important thing is the consumption of alcohol which is totally forbidden during pregnancy. Alcohol can cause birth defects, we don't play with it! If indulgence is still allowed regarding sweets, the tolerance to alcohol is zero!

Breakfast must be healthy! Here are some ideal combinations for the morning

-muscle (30-50 grams) + wholemeal bread (40-80 grams) + a vegetable (pepper or tomato or lettuce) -1-2 eggs (3-4 times a week) + wholemeal bread (60 grams) per which can be spread a little lean cheese + a vegetable-two scrambled eggs (in a Teflon pan) or Romanian egg + wholemeal bread (60 grams) + a vegetable-whole grains (25-40 grams) + milk (250-300 ml) -a yogurt and 3-4 salted biscuits, when we hurry

Fruit eaten in the morning can also be considered, for example, for people who exercise and who eat a normal breakfast after at least an hour, or for people who have problems with intestinal transit and a fruit an hour before. table can do them good.

Something sweet can also be eaten for breakfast: two pieces of chocolate, jam, honey or coffee sugar, but preferably after a meal, not on an empty stomach. Those who want a slice of bread with butter and jam, with a tea next to it, should eat this combination as a dessert.

Coffee should be consumed after a meal (and not before), to prevent gastritis and thus help digestion.

For fasting periods, here are some ideas fasting breakfast!

Breakfast with hummus. Tasty combinations and full of nutrients

All these ingredients will mix and thus will result in the famous nutritious paste, rich in minerals, fiber, protein and unsaturated fats, beneficial for the body.

If you are tired of the classic combination of hummus and toast or stick and you want to vary the menu, you have a multitude of toppings that have a delicious taste & icircn combination with chickpea paste.

Here are the combinations you can make, with humus as the main ingredient:

HEALTH: two fresh ones that can replace breakfast

I've also said that things have changed since the Philips Advance Juicer came into my life. I started reading more about fruits or vegetables to know how to combine them to make juices that bring me a generous intake of vitamins and help me in the better functioning of my body.

Of course, I feel the effects in the long run, but since the Advance Juicer has been at my home for almost a month, I can say that it is already starting to be a habit to prepare a fresh one in the morning and put it in the glass. it is completely isolated from the air so that the content I drink somewhere near 12 o'clock does not oxidize.

Here are the latest combinations we have prepared, both containing not only fruits but also vegetables.

Baby Spanac, kiwi, pear

A healthy intake of iron, vitamins A, B, K and C (I also said that kiwi contains more vitamin C than orange or lemon), folic acid, lutein, magnesium, sodium, potassium.

Doctors say that spinach is very good against depression, and pears are great for digestion.

Ridichi, mar, carrot

This is a fresh breakfast. Everyone says that an apple a day takes you away from the doctor and that, in fact, the apple peel is the biggest source of vitamins, and with the new device in which you can put whole fruits, the vitamins in the peel are & # 8220exploited & # 8221 to the maximum .

Radishes are an incredible storehouse of vitamins and minerals and are a & # 8220drug & # 8221 natural for a lot of ailments from headaches to cancer prevention.

Basically, with a glass of juice from such a mix of vegetables and fruits our body receives the following vitamins: B2, B3, B6, B9, vitamins A, C, E and K, but also iron, calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese , zinc, sodium and potassium. It also receives about 5 grams of dietary fiber, ie about 20% of the body's daily needs. All assimilated easily, in a very very healthy form.

Philips Advance Juicer is the first fruit juicer with pre-wash function, you can put water in the support in which the fruits are placed, a fountain is formed inside the device that cleans the sieve. Basically, the whole cleaning operation is less than 3 minutes.

And Philips offers recipes for a healthy lifestyle - other than mine - you can find them here. (I wanted to have my own versions of recipes, I tested them all, I read before how to combine foods. Here and here other proposals for juice recipes for a healthy lifestyle.)

Now I have reached the level where I started to combine juices with yogurt, milk or cereals, seeds to make a very natural breakfast. But I will tell you some recipes in the coming days.

Healthier breakfast. 4 ways to eat more vegetables

Turn breakfast into a healthier and fuller meal by adding more vegetables to sandwiches, omelets or other favorite products.

Not everyone can boast that they eat enough vegetables during the day, although they should be part of our balanced diet. By including a portion of the very first meal of the day, you have all the chances to increase their amount during the day and, in addition, to start your day with more energy.

No matter what your breakfast preferences are, we are sure that you will find a suitable option to add even more vegetables to your plate. We have 4 proposals to help you change the most important meal of the day for the better.

1.Add corn in the nets for breakfast. We are not only referring to cornflakes that can be your favorites next to yogurt, but also to canned or frozen corn kernels that you can put in salted muffins and omelettes.

2. Eggs and vegetables. They are the best combination of protein and vitamins for the first meal of the day. Many vegetables can be the main ingredient in omelets, and if you like to eat them raw you can put them next to a boiled egg and you can even take them in a package. Put spinach in an omelette and place in a bun for a hearty breakfast.

3. Choose a Mexican breakfast rich in vegetables. Mexican cuisine is special and has a lot of unique combinations. Our favorites for breakfast are tacos and burittos in which vegetables make their place easily.

4. Two tables in one. That is, sandwiches that contain a little meat, but also a good portion of vegetables and that can be prepared for breakfast, but also for lunch.

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Breakfast with hummus. Tasty combinations and full of nutrients

All these ingredients will mix and thus will result in the famous nutritious paste, rich in minerals, fiber, protein and unsaturated fats, beneficial for the body.

If you are tired of the classic combination of hummus and toast or stick and you want to vary the menu, you have a multitude of toppings that have a delicious taste & icircn combination with chickpea paste.

Here are the combinations you can make, with humus as the main ingredient:

Quick recipes

You need quick recipes? Consult this category where you will find the best quick recipes for foods with low complexity, suitable for both children and adults.

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Cucumber salad with avocado can be perfect for a light dinner or to complement a main course. The recipe is very simple, again.

French grilled toast sounds like a dichotomy, but the delicacy offered by this dessert matches perfectly with summer and the joy of enjoying ourselves.

Grilled pineapple with ice cream is the unexpected dessert that will amaze you at the next family picnic. Of course the ice cream will not be at.

Summer dessert with Greek yogurt and mango is a simple way to prepare a quick and easy summer dessert. Also suitable for a baby.

Summer is the season we can't help but love. But with it come the high temperatures. Specialists recommend us to.

Almond milk is very healthy and recommended for the whole family and for children over 2 years old. With a Vitamin E complex.

Ice cream is a great dessert, wonderful and loved by children, which, however, gives us, our mothers, the fork. First of all, because he has a.

Sauces are the ones that often bring flavor to a dish. At least in my kitchen I follow this rule, especially when.

The yolk and cheese chicks are easy to prepare and represent a simple appetizer, but fun and delicious for both children and children.

Easter should start as a big celebration from breakfast. So why not have some fun together, and you and.

Toast is a great option for breakfast. If you are tired of serving it with the same boring combinations.

Breakfast - a snack on the run or a royal meal?

Meal served morning it is considered the most important meal of the day, as it has the role of offering energy for the whole day, only if our choice contains whole grains, protein, calcium-rich foods and fruits. An old saying goes that at dinner you eat like a king and in the evening like a beggar.

The first meal of the day should be consistent and contain different food groups. A healthy breakfast should contain around 400-500 calories and its components must not lack proteins and fibers. And when we say proteins we refer to lean meat (chicken or fish, in the boiled version), eggs, peas, beans, dairy products, nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, cashews, sunflower seeds (seeds eaten raw). Whole grains, vegetables, fruits and even some bakery products fall into the category fiber.

We do not want to make our article a nutrition and diet one, so we limit ourselves to realizing that an ideal breakfast consists of: